Carly Hegarty

 Santa Cruz, CA

I'm a writer

I strive to become a better writer in all senses of the word. I enjoy the process of constructing and interpreting narratives and I want to continually improve in doing so.

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I have considered reading and writing my principal passions from a young age. I have spent hours upon hours immersed in a novel or filling every page of my journal. An interest that began as a personal outlet for my creativity soon transformed into an academic pursuit as I progressed in my education. Similarly, reading became a platform for my continued awareness of the world, rather than an escape into another.

While I continue to write creatively and read leisurely, attending UCSC has enabled me to channel my love of literature and history into more focused, research-based areas of study. My coursework, although still expanding, has solidified my overarching interest in systemic injustices and the ways in which history must be understood in order to grapple with the present.